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Thank you AsianDating

Thank you AsianDating my partner is best husband


We met in April of 2018 and started chatting and video.

We met in April of 2018 and started chatting and video. I finally met her in November 2018 when I took a vacation. We spent 2 weeks together. I followed her on her daily routine and got to know her life and her family. It was great! Because I was tired of the American attitudes of women cultivated by the media especially daytime television. Asian cultures still honor traditional relationship values.


Thanks AD i find my soulmate

Thanks AD i find my soulmate Very fast only 2 days after i meet him from AD .he come to visit me and we do enganged and after 3 month he has marry me Very easy to choice what kinds the man we want..and safety


It wasn't easy. But we found each other at last.

He said hi to me and I reached out back directly from my personal number, took year for us to finally met. Yet, it was all worthed. We complement each other right away. We know it from our heart. We met in September 2018 in Jakarta and then it was all just feels right from that moment. I knew it from a friend and I'm glad that I used this site before. It wasn't easy. But we found each other at last. Thank you Asian dating!


Shared messages with a special girl and proposed

Shared messages with a special girl and proposed, She said Yes, Waiting to go to Philippines Frustrated with other sites


Two day's was enough for us both to be hooked

I have been on the site for about 6 months now. For the life of me I could never understand how someone could fall in love through email. Well now I know LOL. After hundreds of emails from various people and even a few Shady characters when you know you know. I read the profile couldn't believe it after the first email. I just couldn't stop talking to her. Finally we exchanged numbers started chatting on the phone and doing video chat. She didn't читать дальше>> believe I was serious and I said oh you will believe me. 30 days I booked a ticket to go see her. I'm self-employed so I was able to stay 3 weeks but unfortunately I wasn't able to get in touch with her for about a week and a half. She gave me enough information to know around about what area she lived so I got a hotel between her job and her school hoping to bump into her. Talk about Taking Chances. Finally we connected and she was so surprised she couldn't believe it. Because of her busy schedule between school and work and the two kids she was only able to squeeze in two days for me. She told me I wish you would have let me know so I can make more time. Two day's was enough for us both to be hooked. All I can say at this point is we'll see where it goes. << свернуть


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